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Critical Care Medicine

Neelachal Hospital Critical Care Centre is committed to provide patients with 24x7x365 day safe, effective and state-of-the-art critical care.
From heart attacks and strokes to severe respiratory problems, infections and burns, Neelachal recognises the unique needs of critically ill patients of all ages from infants to the elderly and ensures the highest quality care for them.
Our Critical Care Centre takes a multidisciplinary approach to caring for patients with illnesses that require close monitoring and immediate responses to rapid clinical changes. The patient to nurse ratio is maintained at no more than 1:1 in keeping with the highest international standards.
A combination of quality infrastructure and a fully - staffed at all times, dedicated team of critical care professionals provides the highest level of care at all times.
Critical Care Centre staff includes

  • Intensivists
  • Critical Care nurses
  • Critical Care technicians
  • Nutrition specialists
  • Pharmacists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Patient care co-ordinators
  • Biomedical engineers

The Critical Care Centre is one of the most stringently monitored Centres at Neelachal with daily department and weekly mortality meetings held to assess the status and progress of all cases in the Centre.
Critical Care Facilities & Equipment

  • Patient care rooms designed to provide optimal room temperature and a quiet environment
  • Multi-channel monitoring equipment to support non-invasive and invasive pressure monitoring
  • Mechanical ventilators
  • Use of infusion pumps for drug delivery
  • Resuscitation equipment at each bedside
  • Special beds to prevent pressure ulcers for patients requiring prolonged care
  • Bedside imaging services (including X-ray, ultrasonography and echocardiogram)
  • Portable transport equipment to ensure safety while moving patients out of the Centre for essential procedures
  • Renal replacement therapy (including intermittent Haemodialysis and Haemofiltration)
  • Ability to perform bedside surgical procedures like Tracheostomy and other emergency procedures
  • Bronchoscopy for immediate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures



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