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Our Dedicated Team
Neurology Neurosurgery
Gastroenterology Nephrology
Urology Plastic Surgery
Cardiology Endocrinology
Medicine Paediatrics
General Surgery General & Laparoscopic Surgery
Cancer Surgery Paediatric Surgery
Orthopaedics Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dental & Maxillo Facial Surgery Radio-Diagnosis
Pathology Anaesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
Skin & VD Medical Oncology
Psychiatry  Physiotherapy

Dr. L.D Parhi, MD.DM (BHU) 10.30am to 5pm (All Days)
Dr.Mohit Sidhore, DNB All Days
Dr. Sanatan Behera,MD. DM (AIIMS, New Delhi)

1.00pm to 5.00pm (All Day except Wed)

Dr. Pratap Behera , MD, DM(BHU) 7.00am to 9.00 pm & 7.00pm to 09pm
Prof. Dr. S.K.Palit, MD, DM 10am to 5pm (All Days)
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Plastic Surgery  
Dr. Laxmikanta Mishra, MS 10AM to 2PM (Mon to Sat)
Dr. P.K. Acharya, MD, DM Mon,Tue,Thu,Sat (10.30am To 1pm)
- -
Prof. Dr. G.C.Nayak, MD, DM 10.30am to 1pm (Tues)
Dr. M.K Chhotray, MD 9Am to 2Pm All Days (Except Friday)
Dr. S.Rajkumar, MD 5Pm to 10Pm (Mon To Sat)
Dr. K.P Tripathy, MD 10pm to 7am (Mon,Thur)
Dr. Chandan Das, MD 10pm to 7am(tues), 9am to 2Pm (Mon)
Dr. Alok Pattnaik, MD 2Pm to 7am (Sun), 10pm to 7am (Wed, Fri, Sat)
Dr. G.S  Mohapatra, MD 9 am to 3pm (Mon to Sat)
Dr. Debakanta Das, MD 10am to 5pm (All Days )
General Surgery  
Prof. Dr. L.M.Mukherjee, MS,FAIS 10am to 5pm (Mon to Sat)
General & Laparoscopic Surgery  
Dr. J.S. Mohapatra, MS 10am to 5pm (Mon to Sat)
Dr. Swodeep Mohanty, MS, ALS (WALS) On Call
Cancer Surgery  
Dr. Swodeep Mohanty, MS
(Safdarjung Hospital Delhi)
On Call
Paediatric Surgery  
Dr. Subrat Kumar Mohanty, MS,MCH Mon To Sat (6.30pm to 8pm)
Dr. B.N Mishra, MS, MCH On Call
Dr.G.C.Sahoo, MS (J.J Hospital Mumbai) 10am to 5pm (All Days)
Dr. Budheswar Majhi (MS) On Call
Obstetrics & Gynaecology  
Dr. Mrinal Kanti Das MD(O&G) 10am to 1pm (All Days)
Dr. Harprit Kaur MD (O&G) On Call
Dental & Maxillo Facial Surgery  
Dr. Sobhan Mishra, MDS On Call
Dr. Anupam Tripathy On Call
Dr. Pankaj Dash On Call
Dr. Vikash Agarwal, MD 9AM to 5PM (All Days)
Dr. Prabhakar Bahinipati, MD 5.00PM to 8.00PM
Dr. Aparna Behura , MD 10am to 2pm (All Days)
Dr. K. Mohini Rao, MD 2pm to 8pm (All Days)
Anaesthesiology & Critical Care Med.  
Dr. Santanu Hazari,MD 10am to 5pm (All Days)
Dr. Mami Parija, MD On Call
Dr. Ritesh Ray, MD On Call
Skin & VD  
Dr. Rajendra Panigrahi, MD On Call
Medical Oncology  
Dr. Prasanta Ku Parida, MD, DM Tue, Thurs, Sun (4.00pm to 6.00pm)
Dr. Debabrata Panigrahi, MS Mon-Sat (5PM TO 6 PM)
Dr.Goutam Panda, MS On Call
Dr. A.S Tripathy, DO Mon to Sat (8am-3pm )
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Dr. Mukti Prasad Dash, BPT

Mon to Sat (8am-9pm )

Dr. Kirti Prakash Dash, BPT Mon to Sat (8am - 9pm)
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